The 5 Pet Winter Safety Tips You NEED To Know!

’Tis the season… for keeping your pup safe! Winter brings the joy of the holidays but it also brings cold weather, creating dangerous situations for pets. With many cold snowy days ahead of us here at Green Butterfly Brands, we decided it’d be a good idea to share with our readers the top pet safety tips for wintertime. If you live in an area where temperatures drop below 50 degrees, these tips are definitely need-to-know!


  1. Did you know that snow disguises scents? Pets are more likely to get lost in wintertime, because those recognizable scents that normally help your pup find their way home are muffled by snow. Be sure to keep your pet leashed, and keep an extra close eye when taking them outside.
  2. Just like the hot days of summer, you don’t want to leave your pup in the car. In fact, on the extra cold days, you don’t want to take them outside for long at all– dogs can get frostbite in their ears and tail tips. It’s best to leave your pet at home, where they are most comfortable and won’t have to suffer the cold.
  3. Watch out for antifreeze! Oftentimes, you’ll find antifreeze spilled in your garage or on the roads. Pets love the taste of antifreeze because it is sweet, but it is also extremely poisonous to them; just a teaspoon can cause kidney failure. Be sure to keep your pup away from areas in your home where antifreeze is stored and, on walks, watch your pup closely to make sure they aren’t lapping up anything in the street that they shouldn’t.
  4. While you and your pet might enjoy winter walks together, be aware of salt on city streets. This salt can get into dog’s paw pads and cause damage to them. You can’t always avoid walking through street salt, but simply rinsing your pup’s feet when you return from your walk will prevent harm to the paw pads.
  5. One last reminder: certain types of dogs have an especially hard time in the cold. You might want to consider options like a sweater or booties if your pet is small, delicate, a puppy, short-haired, or old. Besides extra winter gear and maybe an extra blanket, these types of pups need special care in that they should not be left outside in the cold for long.


With these five tips under your belt, you and your pup can safely enjoy the winter season! If you considered this article helpful, or think that other pawrents should be more aware of pet winter safety, be sure to share this on social media with other pet lovers. The more everyone knows, the less accidents will occur, and more pets will stay safe and warm in their homes this season.


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