Why You Should Feed Your Dog An All-Natural Diet

Concerned about your dog’s health? Maybe you’ve been wondering what’s in the food and treats you feed Fido. You should be concerned! As a pet parent, your job is to make sure your pup is healthy and happy– and that starts with what they eat. To begin, it’s important to understand what “all-natural” means. Many companies and brands claim to be all-natural, but we recommend you do your own investigating to be sure. All-natural means that the food or treats contain no additives or preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring. It also helps if you can pronounce all the ingredients. Now that you know what a natural diet is all about, why bother going through the extra work to make sure your pup is eating all natural? Dogs don’t quite care what they eat, right? This may seem true, but you should care. Here’s why…

Dogs and cats require a meaty protein source, such as chicken or beef. Unfortunately, large brands attempt to replicate that healthy supplement with protein from grains or grain by-product. Even poultry by-product, which seems as if it’s meat, is made of leftovers like feet, beaks, undeveloped eggs, and intestines. As you can imagine, these leftovers weren’t fit for human consumption, and they’re definitely not fit for your pup either! Be sure that the food and treats you feed your dog are all-natural by checking the first ingredient; if that ingredient is a meat, you’re in the clear. If that ingredient is grain, steer clear– high grain content in dog food is causing obesity and allergy problems in pets.

Because of these harmful consequences, we recommend that you reconsider your pet’s diet if they’re having health problems. Oftentimes, changing to a more all-natural diet, full of antioxidants and quality protein, can alleviate the symptoms that your pet is experiencing due to disease. Furthermore, you can avoid obesity by avoiding big brand names that go heavy on the starches. Many commercial dog foods and treats fill their product with corn, wheat, rice, and potatoes because it’s cheaper than meat; however, a starch-heavy diet can lead to obesity and an array of health problems in dogs.

So now that you know what to look out for, you’re fully equipped to reassess what your dog is eating. We may be bias, but we recommend our own Green Butterfly Brands treats as the best all-natural treat on the market. Just check out the ingredients in any of our treats and you’ll be impressed– many only contain just one ingredient! You can find a variety of our delicious and natural treats here on Amazon.


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