5 Top Dog Tips for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, while you’re preoccupied with the kids running door to door in search of candy, us at Bark at the Moon urge you to not forget about your fur-babies! Celebrate Halloween with your pup this year with these tips for a safe and spooky night.


  1. Strangers = Stress

Although many dogs are people-pups, many are not comfortable around humans outside of their family. With strangers constantly showing up at your house, make sure your dog is put away somewhere comfortable, distancing him/her from the front door. Also consider your dog as a potential risk to trick-or-treaters that may not be used to a crazy pup jumping all over them in a frenzy of love.

  1. Costumes

Admittedly, pet costumes are super cute. Who doesn’t love seeing a dachshund in a hot dog costume? However, most dogs are not accustomed to wearing outfits, resulting in itching, stress, and anxiety. If your dog does not seem comfortable in his/her outfit, it may be too small or possibly just distressing to him/her. Also consider that your pup might exhibit an allergy to the material, in which case you should remove the outfit right away.

  1. Candy

Dogs should never ingest any chocolate, no matter the amount. Chocolate contains theobromine, something that is easily metabolized by humans, but is processed too slowly in dogs, allowing it to build up in their system to dangerous levels. This goes for other animals like cats and even horses too. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol are also toxic to your pup (this includes most hard candies, gum, and lollipops). Overall, it’s smart to keep the candy out of your dog’s reach, and instead let him/her snack on a Bark at the Moon treat!

  1. Opening the door to trick or treaters

This is one of the most important tips! On Halloween night, especially if you find yourself opening the door to oodles of trick-or-treaters every year, be aware of your dog’s whereabouts. With the door constantly opening every few minutes, the chances of your dog running off into the night are heightened tremendously. Even if your dog isn’t normally so curious about the outdoors, people milling around up and down your street might give him/her the incentive to go check it out. It might be best to set up gates to confine your dog to an area away from the front door, or shut your pup in a room with a water and a toy to keep him/her busy.


  1. Provide distractions

With all the chaos that comes with Halloween night, you can make it easier on yourself and your pup by providing a distraction from all the hubbub. Give your furry friend a Bark at the Moon treat to snack on- this will prevent them from curiously sneaking into the kids’ candy and getting into trouble. Save 10% off your first entire order using code:  BARKIN10 on Bark at the Moon treats on Amazon.  It’s also a safe and tasty way for your pup to join in on the Halloween festivities!


Happy Halloween from us at Bark at the Moon!


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