Beat the Heat with These Tips

Funny dog sunbathing on summer

Summer can be a lot of fun for your furry friend– more walks, more time spent outdoors, and a lot more to explore! But, with August being the hottest month of the year, summer can also be a dangerous time for your dog. Dogs that are overheated can quickly become sick, resulting in heat stroke or even death. Follow these essential tips to keep your pup happy and healthy:

DODGE DEHYDRATION. Keep a bowl constantly full of fresh water outside during summer days and make sure your pup has a shady place to escape the sun (this is especially important to remember when bringing your dog along for a beach trip).


KNOW YOUR PUP’S LIMITATIONS. Avoid exercising your dog during extremely hot weather and pay special attention that dogs who are old, overweight, ill, or have flat faces (like pugs) remain in a cool, air-conditioned space to avoid heat stroke.

BETTER OFF AT HOME. While you might think it fun to take your pup along while you run errands on a nice day, you are actually putting him in danger. Regardless of whether or not you’ve parked your car in the shade or cracked a window, the inside of your car can easily heat up to 120 degrees in minutes during warm weather.

*IMPORTANT* If you notice a distressed dog locked in a car on a hot day, please ask store management to alert their shoppers of the crisis or call the police department. It’s your responsibility to take action, as the dog has no way of escaping this dangerous situation on their own.

TOO HOT TO TROT. The rules are simple: if the ground is too hot for bare feet, it’s too hot for bare paws. If you’re wearing shoes, test the ground with the back of your hand for excessive heat. The padding on your pet’s paws can burn easily, causing your pup pain and even injury.

We know that keeping your furbaby safe and happy is your #1 priority as a pawrent; following these tips will not only keep your pup healthy, but decrease the number of pets each year that succumb to heat stroke. Please share to spread the word!


Top 5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Dog

If your dog is around you all the time, it’s easy to forget all the little things about him to be thankful for. Here are five things your dog does to make you happy every day.


  1. Unconditional love

No matter what, your dog always loves you. It doesn’t matter if you lost your job, lost your house, gave up on your diet, or are simply an outcast in society, your pup will continue to be by your side. He doesn’t see your material flaws and loves you day in and day out just because you love him the same.


  1. Knows when something’s up

Your pup always seems to know when something’s wrong. Whether it’s something big or just a bad day at the workplace, nothing beats sitting on the couch and having your pup come over and put his head in your lap. Not to mention that petting your dog has been linked to lowered stress levels!


  1. Always happy

With all the constant negativity in the world, it’s quite a relief to come home to a dog that gets sent into a joyful tail-wagging frenzy at just the sight of you. Not to mention that, no matter what you say, if you say it in an excited tone, your pup will be over-the-moon happy for you!


  1. Forgives easily

You know all those fateful times you’ve accidentally stepped on your dog’s tail, making you feel as if you’ve just wounded a poor innocent soul? Well, your dog has forgotten all those times. In fact, he probably forgave you right after it happened, and accepted your apologetic hugs and kisses right away.


  1. Cuddles

What would life be without a warm pup in your lap? Or a snuggly furry friend in your bed (regardless of whether or not they’re supposed to be there in the first place)? And, like petting your dog, cuddling him can reduce blood pressure, risk of stroke, anxiety, stress, pain, and depression.


Since you don’t always speak the same language, it can be difficult to let your pup know that you’re thankful for all they do. Fortunately, a tasty Bark at the Moon treat will do. So maybe you won’t let your pup eat at the dinner table this Thanksgiving, but you can still allow them in enjoy a human-grade snack with Bark at the Moon treatsSave 10% off your entire first order with promo code:  BARKIN10 !!!

Honoring Veterans Day 2016


At Bark at the Moon, Veteran’s Day holds a special place in our hearts.  All too often over-looked, Veteran’s Day should be a time to remember and thank the vets that have fought for our country and freedom. Without the men and women that risked their lives for our freedom, we wouldn’t be here today.


Veteran’s Day, November 11, is a day to acknowledge the men and women, both living and dead, who braved combat for their country. Around the United States, parades and celebrations are held to honor our veterans, while an annual wreath-laying ceremony occurs at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery, a tribute to the fallen soldiers who could not be identified. Veteran’s Day is commonly confused with Memorial Day- a day for honoring soldiers who gave their lives in war. Veteran’s Day is a day to revere all veterans for their sacrifice and loyalty to our country.


Not many people take the time to recognize Veteran’s Day, so make this year your year! A great way to honor our vets is to participate in the Green Light A Vet program. As a participant of this program, you’ll change a light in your home or office to a green bulb and keep the light on in remembrance and thanks to veterans everywhere. You can then post the location of your light on an online map; this allows veterans to see your support from anywhere in the U.S. Why green? Green is known as the color of renewal and hope, and the term “green light” indicates moving forward. This is a symbol to our veterans that they have our appreciation and support to continue on with their lives back here in the United States.


One of the ways you can directly show our vets that you care is to purchase some of our natural dog treats from Bark at the Moon! We always donate a portion of our proceeds to train service dogs for disabled veterans, our military heroes– the program trains rescue dogs to become service dogs, then matches them with a veteran for whom they’ll be a lifelong companion. Service Dogs help veterans return to their lives in an independent and dignified fashion, after the traumatic experiences they have endured.


How ever you show your appreciation, make sure you take a moment on November 11th to be silent and remember the men and women who have done so much so that you can enjoy freedom everyday.

5 Top Dog Tips for Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, while you’re preoccupied with the kids running door to door in search of candy, us at Bark at the Moon urge you to not forget about your fur-babies! Celebrate Halloween with your pup this year with these tips for a safe and spooky night.


  1. Strangers = Stress

Although many dogs are people-pups, many are not comfortable around humans outside of their family. With strangers constantly showing up at your house, make sure your dog is put away somewhere comfortable, distancing him/her from the front door. Also consider your dog as a potential risk to trick-or-treaters that may not be used to a crazy pup jumping all over them in a frenzy of love.

  1. Costumes

Admittedly, pet costumes are super cute. Who doesn’t love seeing a dachshund in a hot dog costume? However, most dogs are not accustomed to wearing outfits, resulting in itching, stress, and anxiety. If your dog does not seem comfortable in his/her outfit, it may be too small or possibly just distressing to him/her. Also consider that your pup might exhibit an allergy to the material, in which case you should remove the outfit right away.

  1. Candy

Dogs should never ingest any chocolate, no matter the amount. Chocolate contains theobromine, something that is easily metabolized by humans, but is processed too slowly in dogs, allowing it to build up in their system to dangerous levels. This goes for other animals like cats and even horses too. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol are also toxic to your pup (this includes most hard candies, gum, and lollipops). Overall, it’s smart to keep the candy out of your dog’s reach, and instead let him/her snack on a Bark at the Moon treat!

  1. Opening the door to trick or treaters

This is one of the most important tips! On Halloween night, especially if you find yourself opening the door to oodles of trick-or-treaters every year, be aware of your dog’s whereabouts. With the door constantly opening every few minutes, the chances of your dog running off into the night are heightened tremendously. Even if your dog isn’t normally so curious about the outdoors, people milling around up and down your street might give him/her the incentive to go check it out. It might be best to set up gates to confine your dog to an area away from the front door, or shut your pup in a room with a water and a toy to keep him/her busy.


  1. Provide distractions

With all the chaos that comes with Halloween night, you can make it easier on yourself and your pup by providing a distraction from all the hubbub. Give your furry friend a Bark at the Moon treat to snack on- this will prevent them from curiously sneaking into the kids’ candy and getting into trouble. Save 10% off your first entire order using code:  BARKIN10 on Bark at the Moon treats on Amazon.  It’s also a safe and tasty way for your pup to join in on the Halloween festivities!


Happy Halloween from us at Bark at the Moon!

National Service Dog Month September 2016

This September, at the Bark at the Moon headquarters, we are celebrating National Service Dog Month! Service dogs mean a lot to us at Bark at the Moon, because they’re not only loving and caring, they’re dedicating their lives to the safety of their humans. This month, take the time to appreciate service dogs and their admirable commitment to humanity.


There are many different service dogs, but they all have one thing in common: their unquestionable love for their human. These dogs aren’t just guide dogs; they serve everyone from those with autism, blindness, deafness, or seizure disorders, to those suffering from PTSD, brain injuries, or mobility issues. They’re not only there for support, but to create friendship and a sense of balance in their person’s life. Many people would not have such quality of life without their service dog.


We fully support service dog organizations, as they not only train companions that’ll change people’s lives, but also save the lives of dogs by using rescue pups for their work. Service dogs don’t have to be German shepherds or golden retrievers- any loving dog that is willing to learn can become a helper. That dog will then go through training specializing in the field of work that is best fit for them. Dogs are wildly smart, and can perform tasks from turning off a light, to pulling a wheelchair up a slope, to even ending a seizure by simply licking the seizing person.


A particular type of service dogs are the ones that aid veterans that are wounded or suffer from PTSD. These dogs can help veterans return to their lives in an independent and dignified fashion, after the traumatic experiences they have endured. A special organization, K9’s for Warriors, provides veterans with rescued service dogs. Their goal, which is to “give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes”, says it all. Dogs trained to help those with physical injuries can provide mobility support, open and close doors, and retrieve items; dogs that aid those with mental injury offer forever friendship, a reason to get out of the house and exercise, and reduced stress. Service dogs never once question the motive behind it all- they just know.


Bark at the Moon celebrates service dogs every month by donating to K9’s for Warriors. We are proud supporters of our troops and beyond proud to participate in giving both rescue dogs and wounded veterans a companion. How can you contribute? Donate to one of the many service dog organizations, or simply purchase any of Bark at the Moon’s three natural dog treats– a portion of the proceeds will be automatically donated.  In the words of K9’s for Warriors: “We rescue the dogs, they rescue their warriors.”


Link to K9’s for Warriors:

National Dog Day 2016

National Dog Day isn’t just a day to post a photo of your furry friend (although we love seeing all the Instagram pics!). It was originally created in 2004 to raise awareness of the need to rescue dogs. The day was conceived by Colleen Paige; August 26 is significant because it’s the date that Colleen’s family adopted their very first dog. Colleen created the day as a celebration of all dogs, mixed and purebred, and to bring light to dogs that have loved, cared for, and saved the lives of humans.

As any dog-owner knows, dogs are underappreciated and much too pure for this world. They love unconditionally, regardless of their past, and forgive more easily than any human can. However seemingly impossible it is, some dogs even go above and beyond this for the sake of their human. Every day, there are dogs putting their lives on the line working for law enforcement, sniffing out bombs, and pulling victims out of wreckage. There are also service dogs that work for veterans with PTSD, the disabled, can detect seizures, and even sense high blood sugar for diabetics. They don’t ask for anything in return, but a lot of love is the only way we can repay them for what they’ve selflessly done. A big hug-and-kiss to all the dogs out there that are heroes, whether it’s for our country, in the community, or just for a single person.

Another purpose of National Dog Day is to focus on encouraging adoption. Buying a puppy from a breeder, puppy mill, or pet store only adds to the issue of overpopulation of dogs we are facing. When someone purchases a purebred puppy, it results in a potentially adoptable shelter dog being put to death. Adopting a dog is a much more humane option, as you are giving a forever home to a pup that would otherwise be put down. Puppies from breeders will always find a home, but dogs in shelters are unwanted (usually for ridiculous reasons) and will be eventually killed if not adopted in time. Adopt, don’t shop!

Last year, celebrities like Carrie Underwood took to Instagram to post a photo of their rescued furry friend with hashtags like #Adopt and #AdoptDontShop. Many others posted candid pics of their pups in celebration of how much love and adventure their little friend brings to their world. Following our recent rescue of Demoiselle, our beautiful grey Pitbull, and our other rescue dog, Mr. Bear, we’re certainly advocating for adoption this National Dog Day!

Demoiselle, Mr. Bear & BFF Rescue Jagger

How can you celebrate National Dog Day? It could be just as easy as giving your dog belly rubs and his favorite Bark at the Moon treat, or you could even go ahead and give a shelter dog a forever home! Green Butterfly Brands would like to assist fellow dog lovers in the area of treats by offering a 10% off coupon code on their latest treat, Bark at the Moon Wild Caught Salmon Treats.  Simply enter coupon code:  SALMNTEN to receive 10% off your entire order of Salmon Treats available on Amazon here for a limited time.  There are also many other ways to celebrate, like volunteering at your local shelter, donating food, blankets, and toys, or even just posting a photo of your four-legged best friend on Instagram. Whatever you do, remember to not only appreciate your dog today, but everyday, because loving you is their everyday job.

Five Tips For a Healthier Dog in 2016

As we work towards our New Years Goals for a healthier, happier life in 2016, we should also consider the lives of one of our biggest gifts in life – our dogs.  Here are a few Doggy New Year tips to help make your own 2016 goals for your furry pals:


Tip #1 – Lose Weight

We all want our dogs to live forever!  Dogs that carry less weight generally live up to two years longer than others.  If you need help with this, speak with your vet about what type of diet will help your furry friend shed those extra pounds.  Don’t over-treat.  Consider giving your pooch a baby carrot if he’s already met his treat limit for the day and you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes!

Tip #2 – Exercise

Just as with humans, physical activity should be a top priority in your dog’s life.  Get out and walk, or even play, with your dog at least five times a week.  Throw the ball or Frisbee.  Run around the yard with your pup!

Tip #3 – Socialize

Not every dog likes being around others, but some take great joy in it.  Socialization keeps them in shape, enhances communication skills and encourages balance.  Drop them off at doggy day care when you go to work – even a day or two a week.  When I worked in the corporate jungle, Mr. Bear attended doggy day care three times a week and loved it.  Have doggy play dates with friends or relatives dogs or join a doggy play group – all can be fun for dog owners too!

Tip #4 – Evaluate the quality of your dog food and treats

We should expect the same quality we want in our own food for our fur babies.  So many are processed, full of unhealthy fillers, chemicals and ingredients we cannot even pronounce.  Read the labels and consider upgrading to a healthier diet.  Stay away from “Made in China” and stick with Made in the Good Ole USA!

Tip #5 – Pay attention to your own health

Take care of yourself so you’ll always be there for your dog and loved ones.


Here’s wishing a happy and healthy 2016 to you and all our four legged friends!

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