National Pet Fire Safety Day – July 15

Happy Family at Cabin in the Woods

While you may have practiced fire safety drills or planned escape routes with household members, many forget to make a safety plan for their pets! While it may seem easy to write off pet fire safety as “if there’s an emergency, we’ll grab the pets and get out”, when the time comes you may find that this is not the case. National Pet Fire Safety Day exists for this purpose– to educate pet owners on the many ways to feel secure about their pet’s safety in any emergency situation. Pets are a part of your family, so be sure to follow the steps below to treat them as such.

1. KNOW GENERAL FIRE SAFETY. Fire-related emergencies are often the fault of the homeowner. Whether it’s being sure to blow out candles before bed or turning off the stove before leaving the house, don’t feel silly returning to your bathroom a second time to see if you unplugged that hair dryer. It could stop an emergency before it occurs.

2. BE CAUTIOUS FOR YOUR PET. It’s quite universally agreeable that furry friends are not exactly careful creatures. That’s why, as a pet owner, you should strive to be wary of them around fire. Furry, wagging tails are a danger around candles and fireplaces should be effectively barred to deter your pet’s curiosity.

3. MAKE IT EASY FOR RESCUERS. In the case that you are not home at the time of an emergency, it should be easy for rescuers to reach your furry friend. Keeping them secured in a space near an entrance will allow for a quicker and more seamless rescue.

4. MAKE IT EVEN EASIER FOR RESCUERS. The best way to achieve peace of mind when it comes to pet fire safety is a window sticker. Firefighters are accustomed to these stickers, which tell them what pets to look for and who to contact in an emergency. Stickers should be placed on a front-facing window of your home in clear view. These pet fire safety stickers are readily available FOR FREE by simply signing up for our Bark at the Moon Newsletter– so you have no excuse!


Remember that, unlike people, pets alone cannot escape an emergency situation. It is vital for you, just as a parent would with their child, to have their best interest in mind. Following the above steps will make your home a safer place for your pet to live and will work to decrease the inhumane number of pets that are affected by fire safety each year. Your first step toward pet fire safety can be a window sticker, provided free by us by signing up for our Bark at the Moon Newsletter, here. Stay safe!




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