Hug Your Hound Day

Hug Your Hound Day, celebrated on the second Sunday of September, is not just a day to give your dog a big ol’ hug (although that is encouraged as well). Created by renowned dog trainer Ami Moore, Hug Your Hound Day was originally intended to bring attention to your pup’s health and happiness, as well as the tight-knit bond between owner and dog. To celebrate, we compiled a list of five fun ways to spend Hug Your Hound Day!

Woman Hugging Dog Silhouette

  1. Hug Your Hound! If you don’t have a hound to hug, check out your local shelter to rescue a new furry friend.
  2. Healthy is Happy. Maybe you’ve been putting off that vet trip, have recently noticed a strange lump on your pup, or are worried about his recent-developed limp. Take this day to check up on your pup’s health, because dogs cannot tell you when they’re not feeling well.
  3. It’s a Big World, After All. Ami Moore, founder of Hug Your Hound Day, also promoted the day as a time to see the world from your dog’s perspective. Take the time to realize something that seems so small to you may be frightening or uncomfortable for your furry friend, and understand that this can trigger negative behavior.
  4. Post a Pic! Honor your precious pup and their obedience and love by posting a photo of them to social media, using the hashtag #NationalHugYourHoundDay.
  5. The Easiest Way to Say ‘Thanks’. How do you say ‘thank you’ to a furry friend? Try saying ‘treat’! Treating your pup to Bark at the Moon’s All-Natural Meats shows your love and gratitude, and feeding them these healthy treats shows you care.


Take the time on September 10th to wish your pup a Happy Hug Your Hound Day by following any (or all!) of the tips above. As a gift from us to you on one of our favorite holidays, use code HOUNDTEN for 10% off your next entire order of Bark at the Moon Treats! Happy Hugging, friends!


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