Memorial Day – Remembering 5 Honorable War Dogs

The last Monday in May is a reminder of the brave souls that sacrificed their lives for our country. Whether it be men, women, or canines, many have made that commitment to us and our nation, and we owe it to them to spend Memorial Day in remembrance of their courage. Read on to learn about five war dogs that heroically served their country and protected their soldiers.


Image Source: The Animal Rescue Site

Stubby was a stray American Pit Bull Terrier who participated in 17 battles and four offenses in World War I. He warned his unit of gas attacks and incoming artillery fire, and located injured soldiers on the battlefield. He even used his keen sense of smell to sniff out a German spy! To this day, Stubby is the only dog to be given the rank of sergeant.


Image Source: Foreign Policy

Judy was an English Pointer, who was World War II’s only canine prisoner of war. Judy’s story is unmatched: she discovered fresh water to saved soldiers’ lives after their ship was torpedoed, was a two-time prisoner of war, survived a secondary torpedo attack and rescued soldiers from the sinking ship, attacked prison guards who beat prisoners… she even fought tigers and alligators!


Image Source: Dog Time

Smoky was a war dog so small she could fit in a combat helmet! Just a 4-pound Yorkshire Terrier, Smoky was found in the jungles of New Guinea by American soldiers. She survived over 150 air raids in World War II, warning soldiers of incoming artillery shells and entertaining them with her self-taught antics. She even once pulled a telegraph wire through a narrow 70-foot pipe, in order to keep military workers and engineers safe from enemy fire.


Image Source: Defense Median Network

Chips was a Collie-German Shepherd-Siberian Husky mix who saw action in Germany, France, North Africa, and Sicily during World War II. He bravely lead his own assault on an Italian machine-gun nest, and took 10 enemy soldiers captive. Chips was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, and Silver Star, making him the most decorated dog of World War II!

Image Source: Dog Time

Nemo was a German Shepherd who served in the Vietnam War. Nemo’s most heroic action occurred when him and his handler were severely wounded on patrol; Nemo ignored his wound and charged the four gunmen who attacked them, then laid on his handler’s unconscious body to protect him from further harm. Nemo didn’t move until help arrived.


While Memorial Day may be the opportune time for barbecues and friends, us at Green Butterfly Brands encourage you to take some time out of your day to honor not only these brave canines, but all the men, women, and their furry counterparts that served our country.


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