How To Give A Doggie Massage

You pet your pup everyday– and he loves it! So take it to the next level with a dog massage. Just like for humans, massages not only feel good for dogs, but they have many health advantages too. A quick, at-home dog massage can offer many holistic benefits to your furbaby. These include reduced anxiety, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, relieved tension in muscles and joints, and so much more! Massaging your dog also helps you notice unusual bumps and lumps, which will alert you of any issues early on. So now you may be wondering why you’ve never given your pup a massage before, and how you can do so… it’s easy! Just follow these mutt-massaging tips.


When & Where To Massage Your Pup

To start, pick an instance in which your furriend is already calm and relaxed. To keep your pup in this relaxed state, begin the massage in the position they feel comfortable in; this could be laying, sitting, standing, etc. There’s no need to force your dog into a position, as this might cause them distress. You want them to feel completely at ease.


How To Massage Your Pup

To begin, use long, gentle strokes down their side, then onto the head, face, neck, and ears. Follow up with soft, circular motions around their muzzle. Long gentle strokes are also great to massage the hind quarters and chest, and especially the sacrum (the area where their lower back connects to their tail). For their legs, softly squeeze down, being extra gentle on the boney parts. Overall, while massaging your pet, be sure to move with the grain of their hair as not to cause irritation.


Not too difficult, right? Even you can be a doggie masseuse! In addition to all the mental and physical health benefits, this practice strengthens the bond between you and your pup, and should display how much they trust you. Remember that, if your dog is sick, or suffering from injury or disease, you should first consult with your veterinarian whether a massage will help or hurt your furry friend. It’s always best to take extra care in these instances. If you get the ‘OK’, massage on!


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