National Train Your Dog Month 2017

January is National Train Your Dog Month!  For the New Year, think about making some resolutions for not only you, but your dog as well! This may require some work on your part; however, you’ll end up with a better-behaved pup.  January was given this title after it was noted that many dogs were being dropped off at shelters at this time, after families that had given the pet as a gift during the holiday season found that they could not control its bad behavior. In almost all these circumstances, the problem lies with the owner and not the dog! Knowing how to properly train a dog will allow for the animal to learn the rules that come with living in a home, resulting in emptier shelters and better households.


f38bd950-9647-46d6-8838-fb81f235e9efA key component to training your new dog is giving it a name that it will associate with both discipline and rewards. Choosing a name isn’t as easy as picking out something “cute”; it is recommended that the name be short and end in a strong consonant. Try saying the name out loud in both loving and stern tones, to deem it appropriate. Before even bringing your dog home, set rules that will be consistent throughout the whole home. For example, the new pup will not be allowed on beds and definitely not fed at the table. Discuss these rules with all household members, so the dog doesn’t get confused when one person feeds him under the table and another scolds him for begging. When your dog has done something bad, be sure to reprimand them for it immediately. If you wait until you’ve cleaned up the mess, they might’ve already forgotten about it completely, therefore not understanding your scolding. Scolding your dog should never include hitting or screaming. Instead, use a strong stern voice and even push them gently until they’re laying on the ground belly-up (a sign of submission). When your dog has done something good, be sure to praise him exceedingly for it, so that he gets the message. For instance, you drop chocolate on the floor (poisonous to dogs) and you tell your dog to “sit” and “stay” so you can pick it up. If he listens, make sure you give him instant belly rubs, kisses, loving words, and even a treat to reward him for such good behavior.


For a reward that won’t compromise your dog’s health or all-natural diet, try Bark at the Moon treats. Offered in four meaty flavors that have all been taste-approved by our very own brand mascots, Demoiselle and Bear, all Bark at the Moon treats are grain-free, low-fat, and made of all-natural ingredients harvested here in the United States. The treats are free of harmful artificial colors, flavors, fillers, and preservatives, and are chock-full of natural proteins and nutrients. Bark at the Moon treats are great for training, as they are easy to break into small pieces for rewarding good behavior! All four treats can be found on our website and are exclusively sold on Amazon who offers free shipping to its Prime Members or on any size order over $49.  Use Promo Code:  BARKIN10 to receive 10% off your entire first order!


Happy New Year and Happy Training from us at Green Butterfly Brands!


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