Celebrate National Pet Day – April 11

April 11th is National Pet Day! Time to celebrate and cherish your pets for their constant love and affection. As you may have noticed, it doesn’t take much to make your pet happy. Toss your dog or cat their favorite Bark at the Moon treat and they’re ecstatic! But say you’re looking to take National Pet Day a little bit further… How can you celebrate?


Take your pet on an adventure! If the weather is right, take your pet on a walk, hike, or to visit a park. With winter coming to an end, it’s likely your pet will be itching to get out of the house, stretch their legs, and explore.


Pamper your pet! Did I hear ‘spa day’? Although your pet might not enjoy it at first, it may be high time that they get a bath or get their nails clipped. Owners can sometimes neglect the maintenance of their pet’s hygiene, which can be derogatory to the pet’s health. Make bath time more enjoyable by showering your pet in their favorite trea

Shopping! Even if you don’t have the time to take your pet out and gander through the collection of toys at your local pet store, stop by the store on your way home from work and grab a little something for your pet. Most likely, your pet will be excited about whatever you pick out.


Adopt! April 11th isn’t only a day to show love to existing pets, it’s also a time to seek out potential pets as well! If you’re looking to take a furry friend into your home, do your research to locate a reputable adoption program. Many aren’t aware that dogs aren’t the only adoptable pet– there are rescues for cats, rabbits, rodents, and reptiles as well!


Donate! Say you’re not ready to make room for another pet, but you’re still concerned for those without a home. Take the time to bring treats, toys, or old blankets and beds to your local shelter. Most shelters barely have enough money to maintain facilities, never mind provide the pups with these extra goodies. Show these furbabies some love by donating supplies or money to your shelter.

Bark at the Moon would like to help you celebrate National Pet Day with your furry friend by offering 10% off your next entire purchase using promo code:  PETDAY10 at checkout for a limited time.   Visit us at greenbutterflybrands.com – home of Bark at the Moon Natural Treats.

Happy National Pet Day from Bark at the Moon!


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