Celebrate – Be Kind To Animals Week – May 2017!

It’s the first week of May, otherwise known as Be Kind to Animals Week! The emphasis on treating animals with care and affection began after World War I, when the public became aware that 10 million horses had died fighting alongside their men across Europe. That year, the American Humane held a meeting to discuss stressing humane education and animal welfare, and Be Kind to Animals Week was born. Since then, the first or second week of May has been dedicated to showing compassion toward all living creatures.

Although it may seem obvious that animals should be treated with kindness and love, many turn a blind eye to the abuse that goes on behind food companies’ closed doors or cruelty that happens in other parts of the world. You treat your pets with love, kind-heartedness, and Bark at the Moon Treats, but what can you do for the rest of Earth’s creatures? Here are a few ways to show you care:


  1. Strive to buy humanely raised products. You may have to do a little research into companies to weed out the farms that don’t treat their animals with respect and gratitude. Making the choice to buy humanely farmed eggs, meat, and dairy may seem small, but showing support to humane farms makes all the difference.
  2. Educate yourself, your friends, and family. Take time to learn about Earth’s wild animals and the little things you can do to aid endangered species and prevent extinction. It could be something as trivial as choosing a Humane-Certified zoo as the family outing.
  3. Speak out against cruelty toward animal actors. Look for films that specifically mention that no animals were harmed in the making. If you come across a questionable film, something as simple as spreading the word on social media could help raise awareness for the need to be kind to animals.
  4. Adopt! There is no better way to show compassion toward animals than to welcome one into the safety of your home. Adopting from an animal shelter or rescue is the most direct way to save an animal’s life. Boycotting disreputable breeders and pet shops will assist in reducing animal abuse and puppy mills.

Besides these four options, remember to treat your own furry friend with the love he deserves. Remind yourself to care for him by feeding him safe foods, keeping up with his hygiene, and presenting him with lots of opportunities for exercise and play. The easiest way to celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week? By spoiling your dog with Bark at the Moon Treats!  Use promo code: BARKIN10 at checkout on Amazon  to receive 10% off your entire first purchase of Bark at the Moon Natural Treats.  Plus Amazon offers free shipping to its Prime Members or orders over $35.



To learn more on the origins of Be Kind to Animals Week and what you can do, visit www.kindness100.org.


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