Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Is Thankful for YOU

We don’t have to tell you the reasons you’re thankful for your dog– you already know! But have you ever wondered what your pup is thinking about you? Here are the top five reasons why your dog is thankful for YOU this Thanksgiving!

young Australian shepherd playing with leaves

  1. Love and snuggles. Your pup is never happier than when you two are spending some quality time together. Also science shows that petting your pup relaxes them, and you too!
  2. You gave him a place to stay. You opened up your home to your furry friend, and provided him with food, water, and warmth. Without you, your little pup would’ve been lost.
  3. You always come home. There’s nothing that produces more tail wags and exciting barking than the sound of you coming home! It’s the best part of your pup’s day because he’s relieved to see that you won’t neglect him.
  4. You sometimes let him get away with things. Discipline is important, but sometimes you let Fido jump onto your bed or feed him from the dinner table. How can you resist those puppy eyes all the time!
  5. Treats! Treats, treats, treats! Your pup is super thankful for the little tasty treats he gets after he does a trick, is on his best behavior, or as a bedtime snack.


So while you’re at the dinner table giving thanks this November, give your pup something to be thankful for with delicious, meaty Bark at the Moon Treats. All Bark at the Moon Treats are made of real meat, made in the USA. Right now, you can get your pup their very own bag for a discounted price with our exclusive coupon code! Just use code THANKPUP at checkout for 10% off. Happy Thanksgiving, furriends!


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