7 Infamous Dogs In Christmas Movies

We’ve gathered the best of the best Christmas movies in which canines have starring roles. So grab your hot chocolate and your hound, and cozy up to watch these Christmas classics!


  1. Max from How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Although the Grinch himself is less-than-lovable, everybody loves his adorable canine sidekick, Max! Max goes along with the Grinch’s destructive plans, but keeps him in line by making sure he saves Cindy Lou from going down the present shoot or off the cliff of Mount Krumpit.


  1. Beethoven from Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure


Hollywood’s most well-known St. Bernard, Beethoven, must go on an adventure to help save Christmas for Santa. This sweet tale is perfect to watch with your pup!


  1. Snoopy from A Charlie Brown Christmas


Ever since 1965, this movie has been a favorite around Christmastime– and it wouldn’t be the same without Snoopy! Snoopy gets into the Christmas spirit by decorating his doghouse, but it’s Charlie who teaches him and the others that there’s more to Christmas than the material things.


  1. Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas


Even though he’s a ghost, there’s nothing scary about Jack’s playful pup, Zero! Just like any normal dog, Zero is faithful to his owner, Jack Skellington, and follows him wherever he goes.


  1. Weenie from Eloise at Christmastime


The pampered pug, Weenie, is always ready to help Eloise meddle in something she’s not supposed to. In addition, the trusty pug shows off a variety of cute, pink outfits throughout the film– what’s not to love?


  1. Zeus from The Dog Who Saved Christmas


A canine twist on the classic Home Alone, Zeus the Labrador Retriever is a former police dog who must protect his home after two burglars break in while his owners are away. Oh, and did we mention Zeus is voiced by Mario Lopez?


  1. The Bumpus’ Hounds from A Christmas Story


Who can forget the scene where the Bumpus’ hounds break into the Parkers’ kitchen and devour their Christmas turkey behind the Old Man’s back? We triple-DOG-dare you to watch this Christmas classic this season!


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