4 Natural Tips for Fresher Breath for Fido

You love your pup’s kisses, but his stinky breath? Not so much. If you find yourself missing out on puppy smooches because of bad breath, it’s time to make some changes! Read on for four essential steps to take your dog’s oral health to a better state.


  1. Brushing. We know, brushing your pup’s teeth is not easy. But imagine if you never brushed your teeth– of course your breath would smell! Unlike humans, dogs’ teeth don’t need to be brushed twice a day, but try for once a week. Search the market for a toothbrush specifically made for pets, and a toothpaste with a taste your pup will love and a scent you prefer. Your furry friend might not take to the toothbrush on the first try, so begin with your finger or a cloth.
  2. Coconut Oil. An all-natural remedy to bad breath is coconut oil! Great for all that ails your pup, many pet owners have claimed that coconut oil has also freshened breath. Not only that, but many dogs even enjoy the sweet taste (and you’ll enjoy the sweet smell).
  3. Chew, chew, chew. Chewing is the natural way an animal’s teeth get clean. Invest in some chew toys, dog chews (like this assorted pack), or let your pup crunch on snacks like raw sweet potato, carrot, or apples WITHOUT the seeds!
  4. Parsley. Yet another all-natural remedy you might’ve not heard of is parsley! Yes, simply sprinkle a bit of this breath-freshening herb on your pup’s food and you’ll find the smell of their breath improving in no time. (Just a bit of parsley will do and, to be safe, avoid this method if your pup has kidney issues.)


With these four tips, tackling your pup’s bad breath is easy (and safe, because they don’t require to use of artificial ingredients)! We’d love to see your pup’s new pearly white smile– be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos @greenbutterflybrands if you try any of these methods!


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