New Year, New Dog

You might’ve set some New Year’s resolutions for yourself, but what about your pup? 2018 is the Year of the Dog, so help your dog to make this his best year! To ensure that this is your furry friend’s healthiest and happiest 365 days yet, we’ve crafted some resolutions for him– but he’s going to need your help!

Cute dog border collie lying in the snow


  1. Be More Active. For many dogs, bad behavior is a result of lack of exercise. Getting outside, getting proper exercise, and releasing energy will lead to a dog that doesn’t get in that much trouble.
  2. Eat All-Natural. Eating all-natural food and treats means there’s no harmful additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors that’ll slow your dog down or make him sick.
  3. Eat Healthy. Eating healthy is easy for dogs! Just be sure to buy treats made of real meat, which means your pup will get plenty of vitamins and nutrients, as well as essential proteins.
  4. Make New Friends. If your dog enjoys other dogs, why not take them to the local park? Sometimes a little canine companionship will lift your dog’s spirits and lead to a happier year overall!
  5. Earn More Treats. Better behavior equals more treats! It’s a win-win for pup and pawrent!


Following these resolutions, your dog will be on his best behavior, so you should be prepared with tasty treats for rewards! Try Bark at the Moon Treats– all-natural and healthy, so your pup can check off two resolutions already. Happy New Year, from us at Bark at the Moon!


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