7 Things Your Pup Wants To Do This Summer

Once the weather gets warm, all you can think about are those fun summer activities like going to the beach, grabbing an ice cream cone, or going on vacation. But what does your pup look forward to in the summer? Read on for seven activities to cross off your furry friend’s bucket list this season.

1. Find a fido-friendly restaurant. Summertime means many restaurants open their outdoor patios, allowing pups to eat out with you. Be sure to call into the restaurant beforehand to assure that they are dog-friendly. Click here for some doggie date night ideas!
2. Make a pup painting. Lay a canvas on the ground outside, have your pup step through a little bit of paint, and– ta da!– dog art you’ll cherish forever. But be prepared for a bit of clean-up.
3. Splash around! A kiddie pool can be as cheap as $10, and is worth every penny to your pup. Another option is a couple runs through the sprinkler– either way, your dog will be grateful for a way to stay cool in the heat.
4. Head to the farmer’s market. So many smells, so much food, and so many new friends to make! Many farmer’s markets even have stands with dog treats and toys for sale.


5. Discover a dog-friendly beach. If your pup is a beach bum, look for a oceanside spot near you that allows furry friends. Nothing like running through the sand and splashing in the water!
6. Make a frozen treat. This may be the thing your pup wants to do MOST this summer, and it’s so easy. Simple freeze your pup’s favorite snack (like a Green Butterfly Brands treat) in water, and serve your dog this frozen delight! This is also the perfect way to keep your pup occupied.
7. Visit a drive-in. If your furry friend loves watching TV with you, it might be worth a trip to the big screen. Don’t forget snacks for you and your pup!

Be sure, before you take your pup out for any activities, that it’s not too hot out for them to be outside– heat is harder to withstand when you have a fur coat on! Make sure there’s always a water source for your furry friend to stay hydrated, and reward them for good behavior with the best all-natural treats from Green Butterfly Brands!


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