6 Creative Ways To Use Your Green Butterfly Brands Treats

Looking for new and exciting ways to use those bags of tasty Green Butterfly Brands Treats in your pantry? Look no further! Read on for six tried-and-true ways to treat your pup to the meatiest all-natural snacks on the market.

1. Freeze them into pupsicles. Making your pup a delicious frozen treat is easy! Place small pieces of treats (like our bite-sized Beef Tips) into an ice cube tray and fill the tray with water, then freeze. For bigger dogs, use a big bowl instead of an ice cube tray. (This is best served outside.)

2. Stuff them into a Kong. Almost every dog owner has a trusty Kong; they’re great for keeping your pup busy. Stuff your Kong with Green Butterfly Treats to make a scrumptious incentive for your dog to chew his way to!

3. Sprinkle on food. At the end of every Green Butterfly bag, there’s bound to be some tasty tidbits left over. To make the most out of each bag, sprinkle the crumbs on your pup’s dinner– they’ll love the extra treat! Many pups recommend our Salmon Treats as having the tastiest fish pieces at the bottom of the bag.

4. Break into pieces for training. All Green Butterfly Treats can be broken into smaller pieces for training, which makes the bag last longer, especially if your pup is nailing trick after trick!


5. For emergencies! Using a phrase when giving your pup our treats (such as “you wanna treat?”) is essential. One of our loyal customers told us a story of her dog breaking free and running off, but turning around and returning to her when she yelled, “you want a Butterfly treat?” – a phrase her pup associated with a meaty reward!

6. Give as a gift. Need a last minute gift for a furry friend? If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free 2-Day Shipping that’ll have a batch of tasty Green Butterfly Brands Treats on your doorstep in a flash. We suggest a variety pack as a gift, like our Assorted Chews or Tail Mix.

Tried any of these six fun tips? We’d love to see! Be sure to tag us in your pics on Instagram! In the meantime, have you run out of Green Butterfly Treats? Stock up on your pup’s favorite snack here.


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