Honoring Veterans Day 2016

  At Bark at the Moon, Veteran’s Day holds a special place in our hearts.  All too often over-looked, Veteran’s Day should be a time to remember and thank the vets that have fought for our country and freedom. Without the men and women that risked their lives for our freedom, we wouldn’t be here … Continue reading Honoring Veterans Day 2016


National Service Dog Month September 2016

This September, at the Bark at the Moon headquarters, we are celebrating National Service Dog Month! Service dogs mean a lot to us at Bark at the Moon, because they’re not only loving and caring, they’re dedicating their lives to the safety of their humans. This month, take the time to appreciate service dogs and … Continue reading National Service Dog Month September 2016

National Dog Day 2016

National Dog Day isn’t just a day to post a photo of your furry friend (although we love seeing all the Instagram pics!). It was originally created in 2004 to raise awareness of the need to rescue dogs. The day was conceived by Colleen Paige; August 26 is significant because it’s the date that Colleen’s … Continue reading National Dog Day 2016

Five Tips For a Healthier Dog in 2016

As we work towards our New Years Goals for a healthier, happier life in 2016, we should also consider the lives of one of our biggest gifts in life - our dogs.  Here are a few Doggy New Year tips to help make your own 2016 goals for your furry pals: Tip #1 - Lose … Continue reading Five Tips For a Healthier Dog in 2016