Five Tips For a Healthier Dog in 2016

As we work towards our New Years Goals for a healthier, happier life in 2016, we should also consider the lives of one of our biggest gifts in life – our dogs.  Here are a few Doggy New Year tips to help make your own 2016 goals for your furry pals:


Tip #1 – Lose Weight

We all want our dogs to live forever!  Dogs that carry less weight generally live up to two years longer than others.  If you need help with this, speak with your vet about what type of diet will help your furry friend shed those extra pounds.  Don’t over-treat.  Consider giving your pooch a baby carrot if he’s already met his treat limit for the day and you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes!

Tip #2 – Exercise

Just as with humans, physical activity should be a top priority in your dog’s life.  Get out and walk, or even play, with your dog at least five times a week.  Throw the ball or Frisbee.  Run around the yard with your pup!

Tip #3 – Socialize

Not every dog likes being around others, but some take great joy in it.  Socialization keeps them in shape, enhances communication skills and encourages balance.  Drop them off at doggy day care when you go to work – even a day or two a week.  When I worked in the corporate jungle, Mr. Bear attended doggy day care three times a week and loved it.  Have doggy play dates with friends or relatives dogs or join a doggy play group – all can be fun for dog owners too!

Tip #4 – Evaluate the quality of your dog food and treats

We should expect the same quality we want in our own food for our fur babies.  So many are processed, full of unhealthy fillers, chemicals and ingredients we cannot even pronounce.  Read the labels and consider upgrading to a healthier diet.  Stay away from “Made in China” and stick with Made in the Good Ole USA!

Tip #5 – Pay attention to your own health

Take care of yourself so you’ll always be there for your dog and loved ones.


Here’s wishing a happy and healthy 2016 to you and all our four legged friends!

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